Alice Hendy R;pple

Alice Hendy

Founder of ‘R;pple Suicide Prevention’

In November 2020, Alice’s younger brother, Josh, took his life – he was just 21. Alice had a career as a cyber security specialist and it didn’t take her long to be able to access Josh’s computer. What she found horrified her!

Alice discovered that her brother had been researching suicide techniques via harmful internet searches. He ultimately used one of these search results to take his own life.

The more Alice researched, the more she discovered how easy it is for someone to find ways to end their life when searching the main internet search engines such as Google and Safari. With only a Samaritans helpline telephone number appearing at the top of a page full of search results, Alice decided something had to change.

In December 2020, having met with senior people from Google, Samaritans and other high-profile organisations, Alice launched R;pple – an online interceptive tool designed to ensure that more help and support is provided to individuals who are conducting searches relating to self-harm or suicide.

Alice’s appearances on mainstream media, and her work with the UK Government and other public bodies, has helped open up the conversation about suicide. Importantly, it has also provided families, schools, workplaces and other groups, with a safeguarding tool which interrupts someone in crisis, providing messages of hope and signposting appropriate support services.

Visit R;pple Suicide Prevention’s website here