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If you would like to carry The Baton on the Baton of Hope UK Tour 2023, then please complete the form below. The closing time & date for applications at the remaining available cities is 22:00 on Sunday 21 May 2023. Applications for some cities have already closed; once the form below is taken down, there are no other avenues for applying to carry The Baton on the tour this year. Please apply for one city only. The database will be checked for duplicates, and any repeat applications across more than one city will be rejected.

The individual baton-bearing sections of route are between 200m and 500m long, and will normally be completed at a steady walking pace. One individual per application is nominated as the Baton-bearer and will wear a special t-shirt and pass. For security purposes, she or he must have their hand on The Baton for the whole of the designated section of route. A second individual can also be holding The Baton at the same time, but Baton security will insist that a nominated Baton-bearer (with appropriate t-shirt and pass) has her or his hand on The Baton at all times. Only one additional individual can accompany a Baton-bearer for each section of the route.

All applicants will be notified through email by Tuesday 23 May 2023.