Debbie Rogers - Sean's Place

 Debbie Rogers

Founder of ‘Sean’s Place’

On the 20 July 2019, Debbie arrived at her brother’s house to discover that he had taken his own life. Debbie knew Sean was struggling and had tried to alert the relevant mental health services to intervene. In the end, the response came too late.

Sean was just 34, and had endured a long battle with poor mental health.

Within 6 months, Debbie had founded Sean’s Place – a safe location aimed at men over the age of 18 in the Sefton and Liverpool City Region. Debbie’s charity aims to improve mental health and well-being through specifically crafted sessions that promote men’s confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. Sean’s Place encourages positive discussions around mental health and suicide through a variety of practical, proactive support and programmes, and increases awareness of the signs to watch for in a non-clinical, non-judgemental setting.

Debbie is a Northern Power Women Awards winner for 2022, and Sean’s Place achieved a Charity of the Year award in 2021. Debbie is proof that through practical action – providing a safe and supportive place for those who are struggling – then lives can be saved.

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