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The UK’s biggest suicide prevention initiative



 In association with THE OLLIE FOUNDATION 

The Science of Goal Setting

For BIG aspirational goals or those darkest fears that are holding you back, learn how to identify the obstacles standing in the way of your goals and how you can plan to overcome them and reach your target

Duration – 2.5hours. Suitable for all ages.

Keeping Safe
and Carrying On

Guides you through the neurobiology of emotion, exploring how the brain and body processes thoughts and feelings and considers stress as an inbuilt safety feature. Delegates will consider a range of tips and strategies to better manage that safety feature when it goes rogue!

Duration – 90 mins. Suitable for all ages.

 Talk Safe, Plan Safe

A Suicide Awareness and Prevention Talk to leave delegates more confident to support others experiencing an emotional crisis where suicidal ideation may be present. This is a great refresher for anyone who has already completed training in suicide prevention and provides a comprehensive starting point for those who have not.

Duration – 2.5hours. Suitable for 17 years old +

Talk Safe

This talk explores who may be at higher risk of suicidal behaviour, how our language can help or hinder and what can prevent  someone from asking for help and what can get in the way of feeling confident to offer help.

Duration – 90 mins. Suitable for 17 years old +

Plan Safe

A highly practical session where delegates will learn how to create a bespoke Safe-plan with  someone they are concerned about, and support them plan how they will stay from overwhelming thoughts, tonight, over the weekend, across the holidays, until counselling starts etc. This session provides a
useful CPD extension for professionals and provides a great refresher for anyone who has already completed training in suicide prevention and a comprehensive starting
point for those who have not.

Duration – 90 mins. Suitable for 17 years old +


Enjoy this online mindful drawing session and enjoy 90 minutes of calm, regardless of
artistic ability, creating a unique and beautiful piece of art. Led by a certified Zentangle teacher, participants consider that there are no mistakes, only opportunities, that we are all unique and we can all create something beautiful.

Duration 60-90mins. Suitable for all ages. 


Designed for older teens and adults, this session provides a safe place to start a conversation with those who may know nothing about such things, or are tragically too familiar with the idea of suicide.

This session beings to tackle some of the myths and misconceptions around suicide and explores how we can maintain our personal boundaries when helping others. Delegates will be supported to challenge their preconceptions
and think critically around the subject bringing by considering the very latest research and understanding around suicide and suicide prevention.

Duration – 45-90 mins. Suitable for 14 years old +

 Connecting the Dots

Sharing findings from ground breaking studies, male mental health expert and TEDx speaker, Ryan Parke will connect the dots between mental health, wellness and goal setting in men. A
workshop providing answers to your deepest questions about male mental health, as well as specific strategies to improve outcomes for men, and a feeling of hope for the future.

Duration 90mins. Suitable for 14 years old +