Jayne Walsham

Jodie’s Story

Baton of Hope receives hundreds of offers of support from people across the country – they all want to see the biggest suicide prevention initiative in the UK become an overwhelming success. For one Mum in Northumberland, her way of contributing was the brilliant idea of a pop-up breakfast in her village hall. Jayne, who lives in small village called Humshaugh, said she was “overwhelmed and heartened” by the support of villagers who also wanted to show their backing for Baton of Hope.

Jayne’s beloved daughter, Jodi, took her own life in January 2021 after two job offers were withdrawn due to the Covid pandemic. Jodi’s mum believes that everyone needs to unite to support suicide prevention: “Suicide is the biggest killer of young adults in this country, and yet it is hardly mentioned.  In fact, it is swept under the carpet.  We can’t go on like this as though it isn’t happening. We are losing so much potential and promise, and we need to smash the stigma. I believe the Baton of Hope will help to bring about that long overdue change.” It is exactly this kind of spirit and desire for change that the Baton of Hope embodies.