Leslie Weirich

Leslie’s Hope

For Leslie Weirich, the dreadful knock came at 2.30 in the morning.  Through the windows framing her family’s front door she could make out a police car.  From the moment she opened that door, life would never be the same again.  Leslie was told that her 20-year-old son Austin had taken his own life.  

It was the response to a national news report in the US where she lives that made Leslie realise that her family’s story needed to be told. She says:  “Austin’s story has the power to save other young lives, and spare other parents the devastating loss we experienced. Telling our story to save others is what gets me up and going every single day. It’s my passion, and it has become my life’s work.”

Leslie’s articles: https://leslieshope.org/suicide-prevention-media/#articles

Leslie’s videos: https://leslieshope.org/suicide-prevention-media/#videos

Leslie’s podcasts: https://leslieshope.org/suicide-prevention-media/#podcasts

Despite a pain that has endured since that night in September 2016, Leslie now devotes much of her life tirelessly campaigning for suicide prevention by reaching out to audiences around the world.