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The UK’s biggest suicide prevention initiative


GLASGOW Route – 25 june 2023

In Glasgow – our starting city – the whole focus will be on the two groups that are at the forefront of our thinking in each city that we visit: the Baton-bearers and the local suicide prevention and mental health charities. The Baton-bearers are generally a blend of people from families( and circles of friends) that have been bereaved by suicide, people that have survived one or more suicide attempt, and people representing key charities. The Charities are a key group in their own right as they build the teams at the front line of saving lives through their dedication and compassionate service.


The Baton route and event locations are all subject to local authority approval, and change.

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As in other cities, The Baton’s day will likely start with a media moment just before 08:00.
08:05 – 08:20

The Baton-bearers from Glasgow are different from all of the other cities: they will travel the furthest, and will not be part of a highlight event at the end of their day. With this in mind, we will have a photo opportunity with all of the Baton-bearers together before they set out on their journey… to Edinburgh!

8:30 – 10:30

Almost all of our cities will feature a ‘Charity Village’, and Glasgow introduces the concept. We will be bringing together the many suicide prevention and mental health support charities to give them a chance to be seen with The Baton, and be seen by the Glasgow public. These experts have much valuable knowledge to share with everyone who wants to know how suicide can be prevented. They will be keen to talk to all of the Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Friends and Colleagues that would like to understand what they can do to help avoid suicide impacting their lives. The Baton will make a lengthy appearance during this period before it sets off to its final destination for the day.

Public support and engagement will be welcome.

10:30 – LATE

Uniquely on the Baton of Hope UK Tour 2023, The Baton will be publicly carried between Glasgow and Edinburgh. (For all other locations, The Baton moves discreetly from one city to the next.) The intended route is indicated, and the Scottish public is invited to show their support for our Glasgow Baton-bearers as they carry The Baton through Sunday 25 June to arrive at Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park that evening. Please come out and cheer them on their way!

Public support and engagement will be welcome.

The Ollie Foundation is running a special training programme alongside the Baton of Hope Tour. For details, please click here: Ollie Foundation Training