Victoria and Matthew - Riders Mind

 Victoria and Matthew Wright

Founders of Riders Minds

Victoria Wright founded Riders Minds in 2019 with her late husband, Matthew. Following Matthew’s struggles with mental health, they identified a need for mental wellbeing support within the equestrian industry. Tragically, Matthew lost his personal battle for wellbeing, and took his own life by suicide in 2021.

More determined than ever not to let the industry claim another victim, Victoria’s primary focus has been to push forward the levels of support that Riders Minds offers. A bespoke online resource featuring live chat and text service along with a 24/7 helpline that is free to all – these were the main priorities. With these services in place, Riders Minds was awarded charitable status early in 2022.

For World Suicide Prevention Day this year, Victoria released ‘All In Your Head’ – a real and raw insight into suicide, and the devastating impact it leaves behind. She hopes to offer support to anyone who may be going through (or have gone through) a similar experience to her own. With new resources, Riders Minds continues to work to improve the mental wellbeing of all equestrian people.

Visit Riders Minds website here: Riders Minds