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Vision & Mission


We are part of a growing movement aspiring to a zero-suicide society, and will simply not tolerate more than 6,000 suicide deaths per year in the UK (as currently) when most suicides are preventable. We have a vision of a society where suicide and suicide prevention are openly and widely discussed, where we inspire hope through action, where people are suitably supported, and where everyone plays their part in realising this vision.



We will bring about change. In how we approach suicide. In how we talk about it. And in how we support those affected by it.


Boost the national conversation to eliminate the stigma around this issue


Summarise key suicide prevention steps that can be taken by institutions, businesses, public agencies, communities, and individuals


Create better signposting for those who feel they need support, or who want to help a friend, a pupil, or a co-worker


Positively challenge the UK Government and public institutions to aim higher on suicide prevention – the time for action is now


Connect and collaborate with people and organisations that are already working to save lives


Point people to simple but effective online training to help them have suicide prevention conversations with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues


Shine a spotlight on actions that do not support – or actively harm – people’s mental health, and showcase good practice

There is HOPE. If more people talk openly about mental health and suicide, spot the signs, ask the right questions, and listen without judgement, we can make a difference.