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The UK’s biggest suicide prevention initiative


Baton of hope Uk Workplace Pledge for suicide awareness, support and prevention

  • There are 17 deaths a day from suicide. Numbers have not changed dramatically over the last 20 years despite numerous initiatives.
  • £12.6 billion. Cost to UK businesses through days lost to mental health in 2021.(Changing attitudes to mental health report (2022)
  • 17 million. Days lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety (2021 to 2022) (Health and Safety Executive)
  • 914,000 (est.) People who suffered with mental ill-health relating to their work. That’s (51%) of all work-related ill-health cases (1.8 million) for the year. (Health and Safety Executive)
  • 1 in 10. Number of employees who would be honest about needing a mental health day. (HR Grapevine magazine 2023.)
  • Where does an organisation start – so much information out there?

Our workplace pledge for suicide support & prevention

Our pledge has 6 principles for suicide support, and prevention in the workplace:

  • Make suicide awareness, support and prevention a workplace priority.
  • Use clear and consistent messaging about suicide for internal communication and induction training.
  • Implement suicide prevention, early detection and supportive services.
  • Embrace those with ‘lived experience’ of mental ill-health or suicide.
  • Promote crisis services and other resources providing suicide prevention advice, counselling, training and support.
  • Promote the pledge to increase suicide awareness, support and prevention.

Organisations committing to the pledge show employees, clients and potential recruits that they are committed to the principles and support a move towards a zero-suicide society.

“More and more companies are recognising the need and the importance of their role in supporting the mental wellbeing of their employees. The Baton of Hope Workplace Pledge is an invaluable concept that will ultimately create a healthier workforce and shine a spotlight on the importance of us all working together in order to tackle head-on the challenge that every life lost to suicide is preventable and make a positive difference to save lives.”

Dave Capper – CEO, Westfield Health.


  • The Baton of Hope UK workplace pledge focuses on suicide awareness, support and prevention. We recognise that many organisations have in place mental health and wellbeing strategies. But specific mention of suicide is often a gap.
  • For those organisations who have little or no guidance in place this pledge is a great starting place. It includes everything you need in one place to raise awareness around suicide and look after your workforce.
  • There are different stages to suicide prevention. These are primary prevention – how can we all as individuals raise our knowledge and confidence to talk about and support those feeling suicidal. Secondary prevention which is being able to recognise and support those at risk. Finally tertiary prevention which is helping those with mental health problems to stay safe and well.
  • The pledge also includes how to manage a death from suicide in your workplace and also how to support those who are bereaved by suicide.

The baton of hope pledge stand outs

  • Our pledge will provide organisations with all they need to understand and do to ensure suicide awareness, support and prevention is embedded across the workplace. Critically, the cost of implementation will not be a barrier to adoption.
  • We hope most of the hard work is done for you. We provide the essential guidance and leading practice you need for any workplace that has a gap around suicide support and prevention. Global or national, large or small organisation, the pledge can be adapted to how you operate. We have brought together resources from other organisations and given you reference material that you can brand and use in your own organisational style.
  • The pledge will be maintained on our website and our team will continue the work to evolve and improve our pledge as research and new clinical guidance in this area progresses.
  • Studies who that organisation with a social conscience are more likely to recruit and retain people. Your commitment to the principles of the Baton Of Hope pledge enables you to show leadership in this area.
  • The Baton Of Hope logo is a visual means by which all who sign up to adopting the pledge can use to demonstrate to all that suicide prevention, as well as mental health, matters to your organisation and the support is there if people need it.